Blessing the space ritual

2. Music for Blessing

Music for Blessing

3. Blessing – Step by step guide

1. Put aurasoma on your left hand, then rub it together with right hand. We used Lady Nada – represents enlightened love.

2. Raise your arms to the sky.

3. Wave hands trough the auric field all the way down to the feet and grounded.

4. Then we wave back up to the nose and smell.

5. Then opening to the sky receiving the shower of divine blessings.

6. Turn on right side and bless your sister with same movements.

7. Turn on left side and bless your sister with same movements.

8. Opening the arms to the sky.

9. We inviting in the blessings of the divine feminine:

” The Great Mother Goddess who has so many different forms, so many different ways of expression, bless us with your power and presence.

Calling in all enlightened female masters, past, present and future.

Calling in love, healing and ecstasy for all women.

Calling in the divine Goddess, the celestial representation of divine feminine, rejoicing in her wholeness of freedom and ecstasy.

Calling in the blessing of Mother Nature, all her elements, rhythms and cycles.

Thank you and so it is, and so it is, and so it is.”

16. Spread the energy trough whole space