The Heart Chakra

About Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra supports us in becoming divinely human and purifies incomplete life experiences, seeking to distill everything in the crucible of love.

It is the center of the inner voice. For example, the English term “getting to the heart of the matter.” The deepest realization from the heart is that we are all one. The heart transforms blood and also transforms any unfinished business into love.

As we open our hearts we experience love as the rainbow bridge between matter and spirit. The heart is the cross between horizontal and vertical dimensions, the meeting point of both.

Moving deeper we discover “I am love” and “Love is God”. The path of love is full of the colors of celebration and opens us to unlimited bliss.

This center occupies a privileged place in the Kashmiri Tantra tradition, which recommends starting spiritual work from this Chakra as it is the crossroads between the earthly and heavenly energies.