How this course works

1. Follow the order

Make sure to watch and to practice each and every part of the online course in the order it is delivered, to experience maximum benefit.

2. Do your practice

At the completion of each part of the course we will be giving you a series of Tantra Meditation homework to practice. By practicing these, you will evolve your consciousness and lovability very rapidly.

3. Ask if you need

We will have some live online question and answer sessions after the launch of each module of the course. Remain connected and gain enormous benefit through these live interactions.

You may write into discussion panel in each lesson to share and / or clarify your process

4. Enjoy your practice

The whole course is experiential. This means you will be participating in a lot of Tantra Meditations ad exercises, either on your own or you’re encouraged to try some exercises with a friend.

The focus of this course is to open the Power Centres inherent in a woman’s body, raise kundalini and expand your capacity for the merging of emotions, sexuality, love and spirituality.

Once you have discovered your incredible power as a woman, you will be able to choose your life path with clarity, joy and wisdom.


What is your innermost, secret desire? Perhaps you have not even dared to whisper it to yourself. Is it to come to know the fullness of orgasm, the depths of intimacy and love, the joys of bringing life into the world? Or perhaps it is to be recognised as a divine being of exceptional beauty and talent? Or maybe it is to be of service for a better world? Whatever your secret desire is, know well that all women are connected and your desire is our desire.

When we pool our energies, we become all-powerful to manifest our life in service of the highest good for all beings.


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