Chakra 6. Clairvoyance – physical & spiritual sleep and waking

6th Chakra weekend supports our spiritual health, opens the potential for clairvoyance and supports the intuition.

The gift of clairvoyance opens when we allow to surrender into cosmic consciousness and godliness.  Meditation teaches us how to dissolve ourselves into the emptiness, where wisdom can arise from our endless soul.

By using our soul consciousness on daily bases makes our life expanded into field of godliness.

Ajna – Third eye centre brings lessons:

  • Intuition, clairvoyance, spiritual unity. Balance of darkness and light within.
  • A journey into waking consciousness, subconscious and superconscious aspects within us in order to move forward with an important direction we would like to take in our lives.
  • Opening the 3rd eye.
  • How to apply silent meditation to daily life activities.
  • How to be intuitive and clairvoyant.
  • Teaching on the Psychology of the Buddhas.
  • A vision quest through chakra dance.
  • Imagination as a door into intuition.
  • To awaken the soul light including physical and light body.
  • From dance to deep meditation with darkness as the guide.
  • Sexual union and deep meditation.
  • Meditation and no-mind state.
  • To sense into each layer of the auric field of your partner, to see and feel the cycles of birth and death and rebirth, to sense a meeting of body and soul.

Workshop themes

  • Meditation
  • Intuition
  • Ability to feel
  • Ability to see in the darkness
  • Connection of 3 layers of consciousness
  • Being on silence
  • Intuitive communication with nature
  • Massage and body work

Who is this workshop for?

These weekends are residential and open to singles and couples as well. We will explore our physical, energetic and emotional experiences through various tantric practices as meditation, dance, exercises and massage, within a peaceful, gentle and respectful environment. Singles are welcome & couples are respected.

Sixth chakra in balance brings

  • Aligned with your soul, with spiritual direction and clairvoyant ability.
  • Seeing deeply into the unity of all beings.

Sixth chakra out of balance causes

  • Going through life like a sleep walker.
  • Easily manipulated by others.
  • Easily brain washed by societal conditioning.


If you complete all 7 weekends, you will receive a certificate.

Boundaries awareness

This training should by no means be considered as an opportunity for swinging meetings nor erotic or sexual encounters.

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