Frequently asked questions

Do I need to start with Chakra 1 workshop and then follow structre with chakra 2, 3 ... 7?

You may attend any workshops at any time. There is no condition to experience workshops from Chakra 1 to Chakra 7.

On the other side, starting with Chakra 1 is a great opportunity to explore this Tantra map —> Chakra journey as a whole.

Is sex part of the worshop?

No. Sexual intercourse or any other sexual practice is not part of the weekend workshops in series “Sex to Superconsciousness”.

In tantra we experience many other ways how to work with sexual energy and how to feel sexual energy differently, as direct stimulation of our sexual organs.

Is nudity part of the worshop? Do I have to be naked?

For some exercises, meditations or ritual we use nudity as a tool to go deeper in to the body and emphasize whole process. It is always natural way with great respect in sacred form.

However, we respect personal boundaries of every person, it is always a choice rather then obligation.

How safe is it to practice it? Given that I'll be taking it as individual and once I experience it myself, will likely involve my beloved as well. In such a case, I might have to find a partner among your other practitioners and I do not know the approach.

All processes are design for couples and singles as well. Usually we do demo of couple version and version for singles as well if needed.

It is up to every person to decide and keep all boundaries in safe space. There is also invitation to explore personal limitation as well in this safe space with intent to process and transform them.

For meditations and exercises you may choose among single participants. For rituals sometimes we do “Great spirit” choice to pair singles. This method works very well, as we use higher consciousness to pair people.

What kind of program do you recommend for me as I mentioned I'm new to any kind of yoga practice and at the moment I'm not even sure how it will workout for me, given that I do carry a lot of baggage about sexuality and life in general. I want to transform my attitude, still I don't know I'm capable of it.

Chakra journey covers most important aspects of our life and starting with Chakra 1 is very good choice. Theme as healthy sexuality or to live a grounded life may be a hot spot in life for many people. For more details please read our program about workshops:

We would recommend you  to feel into it and if there is a soul calling. If you feel an attraction that may be a right decision for you.