Tantric Workshops in Slovakia

International Tantric workshops

Season 2020/ 2021 in Slovakia.

Invitation is for everybody who feels that life could be more that we see in every day life’s stereotypes and dramas.

We do believe that life deserves more attention. We are offering to experience Rituals, meditations and other processes to explore:

  • Secure, strong life force
  • Being rooted
  • Ecstatic pleasure in sex
  • Living in trust
  • Soul calling
  • Joy & laughter
  • Emotional fluidity
  • A sense of deep sexual connection
  • A sense of profound orgasm
  • Unity of opposites
  • Wisdom through experience
  • Loving with a big ‘Yes’ to life
  • Our deepest truth, the truth of our soul
  • Clairvoyance – physical & spiritual sleep and waking
  • Meditation & soul mate experience

Lovers Journey

Tantra Garden Workshops 2020

Slovakia - Lesná záhrada venue

From Sex to Superconsciousness

Workshops From Sex to Superconsciousness 2020 - 2021

Slovakia - Lesná záhrada venue


Workshops will be hold in Slovak or English, based on majority of participants. Translation will be held to minority participants language. Meditations and rituals will be hold in both Languages.

A Tantra Journey  With Martin Ninad Vrabko & Lucia Rani Pajszerová

To guide us through this wonderful journey, we are honored to welcome Martin Ninad Vrabko and Lucia Rani Pajszerová, from Slovakia.

Martin official

Martin Ninad Vrabko

Thanks to a number of stimuli Martin decided to share his experience he gained in the field of Tantra.

He started pursuing the path of Tantra in 2004. He trained with John Hawken, Alan Lowen and in 2016 he successfully completed Tantra Teachers Training – training for Tantra lecturers, led by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita who is a long-time follower of the tantric master OSHO.

Since 2016 he has been regularly lecturing about Tantra and conducting weekend tantric seminars. He completed several annual tantric trainings as a participant or an assistant.

In 2015 Martin took Sannyas – the path of spreading Tantra and OSHO teaching, accepting Sannyas name Dev Ninad.

Martin also works as a photographer and a film maker. He works with internationally renowned tantric teachers on projects that promote Tantra.

Lucia official

Mgr. Lucia Pajszerová, Dipl. PW

In 2021 she completed 8 years of diploma certificated training of Process Oriented Psychotherapy (Process Work) run by best worldwide known psychotherapist.

Lucia successfully completed Tantra Teachers Training in 2018 – training for Tantra lecturers, led by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita who is a long-time follower of the tantric master OSHO.

She graduated in Therapeutical Pedagogy.

Together with Martin they have undergone Tantra training for couples, aimed at deepening of relationship and exploring the depth of sexual connection between partners.

The world of tantric workshops is part of their everyday lives. They would like to bring these experiences to people interested in Tantra.

At the same time, the study of Process Work and Tantra is interwoven and the possibilities of self-developing are given new dimensions.

We live in Bratislava, Slovakia, traveling and holding workshops, seminars and filming events around the globe on request.

Venue Lesná Záhrada (Slovakia)

Accomodation and meals

Two, Three or four beds  bedroom (same sex if single guests), breakfast, lunch and dinner + tea during breaks: €64/ person/ weekend to pay on arrival.