The Third Eye opening.

The Ajna chakra, also known as the ‘Third Eye’ is a magnetic subject because it remains a mysterious potential, veiled over by centuries of misinformation and fear.

In fact, the Third Eye offers us our birthright of natural clairvoyance, altered states of consciousness and bliss.

Learn from Tantra Master and Mystic Ma Ananda Sarita as she unveils the vast untapped potential available to you through the awakening of your Third Eye.

Discover the secrets, benefits and techniques for opening the Third Eye.

By participating in this course, you have the opportunity of awakening from the matrix and finding your true soul calling.

It is a clarion call to be aligned, body, heart, mind and soul. What are you waiting for? It is time to follow your bliss!

In this series of online videos, it is my great pleasure to share with you what I have discovered and how you can apply methods I have used for your own spiritual awakening.

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction.

This course is our invitation to you to bring the opening of your Third Eye, the Ajna chakra into your daily life.

2. OSHO® Gourishankar Meditation

To attain an inner state which feels like being on the peak of Gourishankar, a witness of mind, body and emotions, expanded and all seeing. This meditation works directly on opening the Third Eye.

2. When the light is made to move in the circle.

This meditation balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Our educational system emphasises the rational aspects of the brain, ignoring almost completely the loving, creative and intuitive aspects of the brain.

3. The observer becomes the observed.

This meditation offers a master key for awakening the Third Eye and the clairvoyant gift. It is simple to practice and over time, you will find your intuition is much stronger.

4. Tratak meditation.

This powerful meditation helps to release past lives and ancestral patterns while at the same time bringing you into awareness of your original face, the face you had before you were born.

Benefits of Participating In This Course:

Reconnect with your true essential nature.

Dissolve who you are not and embrace your true magnificence.

Let go of fears about awakening your potential for enlightenment.

Remember how to be a clairvoyant being.

Learn simple methods to transform and empower yourself.

Understand the true nature of the Third Eye and how to awaken its vast potential, easily and naturally.

Learn the language of intuition and how to apply this in your daily life.

Featuring Ma Ananda Sarita with Durga Monica Sičová as interviewer.


Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world.

Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self realisation.


Ma Prem Durga, Dr.Monika Sicova is the Founder of the Mohendzodaro Tantra Yoga School.

Read Durga full story.

Sarita’s story & Osho.

As a young teenager hitch-hiking through Europe, looking for the Essence of Life, I was shocked and perplexed by an ‘inner voice’ that said over and over again: “Travel alone to India.” I thought perhaps I was going crazy! The more I resisted this voice, the more miserable I became. 

Finally, one golden day, I simply went out and stood on a road in Italy and stuck out my thumb for a ride. A driver stopped and asked me where I was going. “India”, I replied. And that was the beginning of living my incredible destiny! I risked everything to step into the unknown and was rewarded thousandfold!

I passed through many harrowing adventures as I followed my intuition towards Mother India. At one point, I was so despondent, I even tried suicide. On this occasion I was miraculously saved by a dog, leading me to understand I had to be brave and continue on my destined path towards India.

Ma Ananda Sarita with Osho

3 months later in Mumbai, I found myself in front of the enlightened master Osho. He opened a portal for me into inner ecstasy and enlightenment through tantra and meditation. I remained 26 years in his community and was showered by his grace on a continual basis. Exploring my inner universe in the quest for enlightenment included dedicated work on awakening the Third Eye.

Who This Third Eye Online Course Is For.

This online course is not for people who simply wish to be entertained by concepts and are not really interested in practicing the techniques for opening the Third Eye.

This online course is definitely for you if you have a calling for evolving spiritually and are ready to diligently practice the tried and tested methods I am offering you!

The Benefits.

It is truly a no brainer to understand that the benefits you are receiving in this course far outweigh the financial investment you are making!

I have distilled 47 years’ experience in meditation and tantra into 4 short, condensed, easy to understand teaching episodes.

Trusting Your Intuition For Making A Decision.

You may be tired of receiving multiple course offers and trying to decide, “Which one is for me?” In actual fact, your higher self and your intuition already knows if a direction is right for you or not. Trust what your intuition is whispering to you and follow it! 

I have had multiple people tell me over the years that they saw my picture and spontaneously decided to come to my course without even reading the publicity write up! They told me such things as: “I just saw your photo and I knew I had to work with you!

So many people told me that they are ever grateful to themselves for having trusted in their intuition to participate in my courses, whether that be with groups of people or online. Through all of this very positive feedback, I know that only those people who are meant to learn with me will be attracted to attend my courses. I trust your intuition to make the best decision for you!

A Method To Help You Decide If This Course Is Right For You

Perhaps you can imagine yourself 6 months from now after having participated in this course and having practiced the methods I am teaching you.

❁ How are you feeling?

❁ How is your self-esteem?

❁ How is your body?

❁ What is your level of happiness and fulfilment?

❁ See yourself 6 months from now as if in the present tense.

❁ Sense into your inner radiance and your outer fulfilment!

You can then imagine another scenario, one in which you have not participated in this course: How are you in this scenario, 6 months from now? What are your emotions, your physical state, your self-esteem? What is your level of happiness and fulfilment?


My training and experience with Ma Ananda Sarita helped me open up my 6th Chakra in significant ways. I’ve accessed clairvoyant and psychic states and phenomena that I never thought possible. And now, because my Third Eye is activated, in meditation and in love-making I can not only feel subtle energies that I was not in connection with before, but I can also expand into blissful cosmic states.

I am forever grateful to Sarita for this awakening in me.

Dharmaraj, Lead Faculty, Tantra Essence, Tantra Massage Teacher ( )

I have been involved with Yoga and Tao practices for a few years before I met Sarita. I already had a connection with major energy vortexes and passages (chakras, meridians and nadis) and was able to differentiate between the types of vibrations as more or less subtle energy waves.

The Tantra Massage 30 day intensive created by her in partnership with Dharmaraj washed away a number of dams in my body created by physical and psychological tension. I started feeling myself as a wholesome river. This potion of practice, which consisted of dynamic meditations, body awareness, deep conscious touch, emotional intelligence and expansion of mindfulness to the level of the whole group, town… world opened me up to a much higher level of fluidity!

One day, I was receiving a Tao Tantra massage, which is performed like an exquisite music balanced on all levels with high precision, when my partner noticed… a LIZARD flying from the high ceiling of the group room (situated in the deep of the island of Bali) straight onto my head! He paused in a silent shock, the lizard landed in my hair poking the center of my forehead with the tip of its tail and elegantly ran away. I felt an explosion of what in Tao is called the upper tan tien. My three upper chakras – vishudha, ajna and sahasrara – lost all the borders in the firework of light. I was well connected “to below” before this time. As a true Capricorn I am naturally well grounded. This moment blew up my lid to ABOVE. I BECAME part of the God’s creation! My third eye is never to close to anything again! 😀

Marina Tcherkov ( )

I had the great opportunity to be on Sarita’s training where part of it was also devoted to the topic of the Third Eye, intuition…

Sarita, with her wisdom, led us through the process of opening or better, remembering, what is inside women, the gift of intuition, of clairvoyance, step by step. The unbelievable became believable and experienced. As a very practical person I had doubts if I could do it.

When the process started it simply happened since Sarita knew exactly how to lead us there. Things like speaking with trees, sensing the flowers and sensing their vibrations, letting the things speak through me, trusting what comes via channeling. We were all of us able to connect with this gift and experience this ”miracle”.
I am still very grateful. When I get quiet, tune in, then it is still there anytime I need it.

Stella Adi Lalla. Tantra teacher, sexological bodyworker ( )

The meditations that I explored certainly had a great effect in becoming more sensitive to the subtle energies, opening up the sense of intuition and a more refined sense of knowing that has proven useful in many areas of my life from the intimate to the professional. They help imbue a sense of lightness to decision making and clarity to life.

They are effective, enjoyable and quite unique!

Sarita’s meditations are an expression of a rich life experience that resulted in the flowering of spiritual genius. As authentic Tantra has always been passed on by ‘transmission’ if you practice with sincerity you may receive some of these elevating qualities and advance on your path.

Suta Guy Rawson ( )

Don’t Sit On the Fence.

Of course, you may choose to do nothing after reading this message and simply sit on the fence regarding your spiritual evolution. Or, you may decide to be proactive and book this course immediately, in an openness to learn and discover new and undreamed of talents within yourself.

The Third Eye.

When the Third Eye is not in an awakened state, we feel sluggish, unmotivated, uninspired with problems around achieving deep restful sleep. We may feel uncertain and anxious, lacking in creativity and perhaps with an addictive personality.

A Unique Opportunity.

I have been teaching Tantra, Meditation and Holistic Health since 1990. I worked on myself for 16 years under the guidance of the enlightened master Osho before I began teaching. You may never find another teacher with such unique qualifications to guide you on the path of self-development and the awakening of your spiritual potential! It is my joy to share the fruits of this tree of life with you!

Guaranteed Spiritual Development

Remember my Guarantee. By participating in this Online Course you are so radiantly alive and in tune with your true nature that you will:

❁ Begin seeing auras around trees, plants and flowers.

❁ You will begin sensing auras around people.

❁ You will intuitively know what is a good direction for you and what is a wrong direction for you, in your job, in your relationships and in your creative expressions.

❁ You will intuitively sense how to follow your bliss!

❁ You will know from your own experience how important it is to do Third Eye meditations and develop your clairvoyance.

Blessings on Your Path.

At the extremely low price for 4 amazing modules packed with information and methods of transformation, you are receiving a true bargain! I wish you every blessing for achieving a life beyond your imagining.

There is a zen quote from the great Master Hakuin:

“This very place, the lotus paradise, this very body the Buddha.”

It is your birthright to live this experience.

My Guarantee To You.

After doing this inner work, I am confident your intuition is already letting you know what a positive and fulfilling step it is for you to buy this online course!

My guarantee to you is, that by practicing the methods I am offering in this course, you will become so radiantly alive and in tune with your true nature that you will:

❁ Begin seeing auras around trees, plants and flowers.
❁ You will begin sensing auras around people.
❁ You will intuitively know what is a good direction for you and what is a wrong direction for you, in your job, in your relationships and in your creative expressions.
❁ You will intuitively sense how to follow your bliss!
❁ You will know from your own experience how important it is to do Third Eye meditations and develop your clairvoyance.

If you are not happy with the content of the All About The Third Eye course or if this course does not meet your expectations, please let us know and we will send you your money back. A full refund is only available within 14 days of your actual purchase.