From Sex to Superconsciousness

From sex to superconsciousness

A Tantra journey through the Chakra system as an essential wisdom for our daily life with Martin Ninad Vrabko & Lucia Rani Pajszerová.

Tantra Essence & Ma Ananda Sarita

Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic, having received a direct transmission from Osho.

Sarita with her team designed whole Chakra Journey “From Sex to Super consciousness. Inspired by discourses given by OSHO and published as a book From Sex to Super consciousness in many languages.


Martin – Dev Ninad & Lucia – Prem Rani
are partners who have chosen Tantra as their life path.

Living Tantra and inspiring others in their every day life, they were called to share this wisdom. They walk the path also as members of Sarita’s Tantra Essence Teaching Faculty.

From Sex To Superconsciousness

From Sex To Superconsciousness is a term coined by Osho. This training offers an experiential, transformational journey deep into this essential subject.

During each weekend, we will explore one chakra, taking 7 weekends to complete the whole journey.

You are not obliged to attend the chakra weekends in any particular order. Whenever you have completed all 7 weekends, you will receive a certificate.

The Chakra System; Gateway into Universal Consciousness

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means ‘wheel of light’. Traditionally there are seven main chakras, which are the energy centres of the etheric body. The chakras appear as wheel-like vortices of pure energy and are sometimes referred to as ‘lotuses’. They spin at great speed and in a spiritual adept they shine as radiant energy. The chakras lie along the nave of the spine and through them a person’s spirit and soul become receptive and communicate with cosmic energies. C.G. Jung referred to the chakras as the ‘gateways of consciousness’. Each chakra has its own purpose, association and connection.

To understand the chakra system

You can imagine a faceted crystal, which functions as a prism. The pure light of existence shines through the prism, and is broken up into a rainbow of colours and frequencies. Each frequency carries a certain lesson, which is accessed through a particular area of the human body.

Each chakra in this sense has a gift to offer, which takes the form of an experiential learning process. When we have solved the koan, or opened up the dormant energy of a particular chakra, we become awakened and wise in regards to that particular life issue.

Kundalini Energy and the Chakras

In the ancient model of spiritual evolution, practiced by Yoga and Tantra, the aspirant opens up their dormant life force energy, known as Kundalini, held at the base of the spine, and uses this to cleanse, open and heal any stagnation in the Chakra system, learning the life lessons held in each chakra as a result of the opening process.

Once this has been achieved, the seeker is then able to become a conduit for the descent of universal energy, moving from crown to sex and on down through the legs, and feet into the earth, thereby accessing and living in universal consciousness.

When the chakra system is open to the descent of divine energy, this is known as being ‘vertically aligned.’ Such a person is no more living in a fragmented and stagnant energetic system, but is open and flowing on all levels.

Sexual Orgasm and Cosmic Orgasm

It is important to learn the language of orgasm, which is contained at the sex center, as this experience will be of utmost importance all the way through the chakra journey.

As each individual chakra opens, it is an orgasmic experience. And when all chakras are open to the descent of grace, it is known as Mahamudra, the great gesture arising out of the Orgasm with the Universe.

Sex and Samadhi Are One: The Tantra Map

There is a saying in Tantra; no mud, no lotus.

An important understanding, which is inherent in Tantra, is that without the mud at the bottom of the lake, a lotus will not be able to grow. The rich hummus gives nourishment to the roots, and from there the stem can grow, and finally blossom as the magnificent lotus on the surface of the lake. In the same way, our sexual energy functions as the rich mud from where our life force energy can grow and develop to its fullest flowering of enlightened consciousness. This brings us to the non-dual understanding that in fact, sex and Samadhi are one.

All Colours Merging into White Light

As we move on the Tantra Journey, we live and enjoy each colour of the rainbow within our body mind and emotional system.

As we learn to open up fully to these spectral energies, we are able to finally embrace all of our aspects.

When all colours meet and merge, they dissolve into white light. And so it is with the chakra system. When we are able to fully open up the chakra system, we become literally, a being of light, orgasmic and expanded on all levels and in all dimensions at the same time.

With the support of the transformational methods offered in this course, you can access the flow of your full potential in each moment.

Prices for weekend workshop

Workshops From Sex to Superconsciousness 2020 - 2021

Slovakia - Lesná záhrada venue

Weekend workshops From Sex To Superconsciousness.

Venue Lesná Záhrada (Slovakia)

Accomodation and meals

Two, Three or four beds  bedroom (same sex if single guests), breakfast, lunch and dinner + tea during breaks: €64/ person/ weekend to pay on arrival.