Chakra 7. Meditation & soul mate experience

The 7th chakra weekend is all about super consciousness. Normally, people use a very small percentage of their brain capacity. When right and left sides of the brain merge, the mid brain goes through a sudden awakening, as all the ‘lights’ get switched on.

This leads to the experience known as Mahamudra, the Great Gesture arising from the ultimate orgasm with the universe. Such experience takes us beyond duality into oneness with all that is. We move from personal love, into universal love.

Sahasrara – Crown centre brings lessons:

  • An orientation of the journey from sex to superconsciousness is gained by providing a map which is both experiential and understandable by the mind for the seeker of truth.
  • A sacred ritual to have an experiential opening and understanding of the 7 chakras
  • Nature is our greatest teacher for coming into communion with our inner nature and inner silence.
  • In order to transcend the ego we need to shine the light of higher consciousness onto our dual nature.
  • Opening and healing of all 7 chakras through massage and dialoging.
  • The phenomenon of the soul mate is achieved by moving into process as a couple whereby all the 7 chakras can meet and merge in orgasmic ecstasy.
  • Multidimensional opening of all energy path ways / sex and Samadhi as one.
  • Unveiling to our original face, the face we had before we were born.
  • Discovering our own enlightened being which is already within us as a blueprint.
  • Enjoying the Leela (god’s play) of life, which means enjoying and playing with the full rainbow of possibilities as embodied in the chakra system.

Workshop themes

  • Meditation
  • Unity
  • Intuitive communication with nature
  • Integration
  • Celebration of life
  • Samádhi
  • Soul mate
  • connection
  • Massage and body work

Who is this workshop for?

These weekends are residential and open to singles and couples as well. We will explore our physical, energetic and emotional experiences through various tantric practices as meditation, dance, exercises and massage, within a peaceful, gentle and respectful environment. Singles are welcome & couples are respected.

Seventh chakra in balance brings

  • Merging into universal consciousness, an open conduit for the descent of grace, verticality is natural.
  • Sexually, this chakra brings a feeling of being one with the lover on all levels, one with the whole universe and the discovery of the cosmic orgasm beyond space and time.

Seventh chakra out of balance causes

  • Confused as to life purpose and meaning.
  • Cut off from source.
  • Feeling like an island in a hostile world.


If you complete all 7 weekends, you will receive a certificate.

Boundaries awareness

This training should by no means be considered as an opportunity for swinging meetings nor erotic or sexual encounters.

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