Chakra 3. Unity of opposites & soul calling, wisdom through experience.

In the 3rd Chakra we take in information and beliefs given by others, and these are digested or not according to whether it is in tune with our soul calling, and whether it has become a lived experience or remains just a mental idea.

The 3rd Chakra is a centre of power, in temporal and political terms. When out of balance it will include all twisted aspects of power, resulting in an aggressor – victim dynamic. Inner division creates stress, and this leads to inner and outer war.

The 3rd Chakra contains the lesson we are learning on a global level right now, how to let go of limiting beliefs and become vast enough to contain contradictions offered by life. Working with the 3rd Chakra we discover unity of opposites in choice-less awareness.

It is here that lived experience becomes wisdom. As more individuals learn the lessons of the 3rd Chakra, the whole human collective will be benefitted. When in balance and blossoming, the 3rd chakra is able to bring balance and wisdom.


Manipura – Solar Plexus brings lessons:

  • Becoming Vast enough to contain contradictions. The bridge for this is playfulness.
  • Consciously reunite with our original innocent and playful nature.
  • As I expose myself in vulnerability in this moment and have it mirrored back by my peers, this helps me to come to my true alignment.
  • When beauty (feminine principle) unites with Godliness (masculine principle) we discover the ultimate truth”
  • By awakening the chakra system through powerful open mouthed breathing, we pierce through stagnant patterns and open ourselves to the descent of grace.
  • Bioenergetics Breath Therapy opens the three locks of sex center, solar plexus and throat. This may give rise to powerful emotional release, thereby opening a pathway into full body ecstasy states.
  • By exploring third chakra issues with our own gender, we are supported in becoming liberated and empowered. Through this process, new sources of creativity and playfulness emerge in a delightful celebration of opposites.
  • Through sacred theatre, we embrace our creativity and playfulness and use this to transmit the ultimate truth as a shared experience.
  • We release the collective attachment to war through psychodrama, liberating us to be able to live wisely instead of annihilating ourselves stupidly.
  • Opening your potential to be like a radiant sun through massage and stretching. Let your light shine in your body and aura. Live your true potential.

Workshop themes

  • Power & Vulnerability
  • Letting go of limitations
  • Energy release of Solar Plexus area
  • sexuality based on no-ego
  • premature ejaculation
  • body preparation for whole body orgasm
  • awakening of inner fire
  • discovering the soul calling
  • ability to hold all contradictions
  • massage and body work

Who is this workshop for?

These weekends are residential and open to singles and couples as well. We will explore our physical, energetic and emotional experiences through various tantric practices as meditation, dance, exercises and massage, within a peaceful, gentle and respectful environment. Singles are welcome & couples are respected.

Third chakra in balance brings

  • Following your soul’s calling
  • Wisdom through experience
  • Able to embrace the unity of opposites
  • In sexuality experiences of ‘egolessness’ and full body orgasm.

Third chakra out of balance causes

  • Fanaticism
  • Blind belief
  • Following the expectations of others
  • Power trips
  • Inferiority.


If you complete all 7 weekends, you will receive a certificate.

Boundaries awareness

This training should by no means be considered as an opportunity for swinging meetings nor erotic or sexual encounters.

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