Atisha’s Heart Meditation

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Welcome to Atisha’s Heart Meditation lessons from The Goddess Unveiled Online Course.

The full course takes you on a very profound journey. This lesson will give you a small taste of that journey.

In this video lesson you will have a unique opportunity to witness and to participate in a guided meditation, which Ma Ananda Sarita describes as the quintessential Tantra method. We’re sure you’ll also appreciate the outstanding visual quality of the video footage.

And as an additional BONUS at the end of the guided meditation we have prepared a gift/surprise for you.

A lesson from the Goddess Unveiled Online Course.

Atisha’s Heart Meditation

The heart by its very nature transforms everything into love. This is a quintessential Tantra practice, as it transforms poison into nectar.

This is a meditation that takes half an hour so it can also be fitted into a busy lifestyle.

Atisha was a devotee of the goddess Tara and Tara is a goddess who was dedicated to helping alleviate suffering in the lives of human beings.

So, Atisha being a devotee of Tara was always looking for methods and ways and means how to alleviate suffering and he discovered that the heart is always transforming anything it comes in contact with into love and compassion.

So, when we offer suffering to the heart it will automatically transform it.

It’s recommended to do it 21 times.

Atisha’s Heart Meditation – Introduction

Atisha’s Heart Meditation – Introduction

Atisha’s Heart Meditation – Guided Meditation

Atisha’s Heart Meditation – Guided Meditation

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