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Ma Ananda Sarita

The Ajna chakra, also known as the ‘Third Eye’ is a magnetic subject because it remains a mysterious potential, veiled over by centuries of misinformation and fear.

In fact, the Third Eye offers us our birthright of natural clairvoyance, altered states of consciousness and bliss.

Learn from Tantra Master and Mystic Ma Ananda Sarita as she unveils the vast untapped potential available to you through the awakening of your Third Eye.

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Open Your Third Eye Lessons

1. Introduction

This course is our invitation to you to bring the opening of your Third Eye, the Ajna chakra into your daily life.

2. OSHO® Gourishankar Meditation

To attain an inner state which feels like being on the peak of Gourishankar, a witness of mind, body and emotions, expanded and all seeing. This meditation works directly on opening the Third Eye.

3. When The Light Is Made To Move In A Circle.

This meditation balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Our educational system emphasises the rational aspects of the brain, ignoring almost completely the loving, creative and intuitive aspects of the brain.

4. The observer becomes the observed

The basis for all psychic opening. And it’s a very simple method, but it goes very deep.

5. Tratak meditation

Tratak is a very, very powerful method, where we are fixing our Third Eye and through that a lot of inner states will open up.


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