Tantra Massage Through The 7 Chakras


until November 30th

7 exquisite massages for aligning body-mind-spirit.

When we dive into the art of giving and receiving massage, it is such an empowering, pleasurable and beautiful journey!

I invite you to follow your bliss as you enter the sublime world of Tantra through loving touch.



What you will receive by doing this course:

Discourse on the history and practical application of Tantra in today’s world.

❁ Inspiring and revelatory discourses on each of the 7 chakras.

7 massage methods, guided in real time.

Experience the bliss and spiritual expansiveness that is inherently possible in us.

❁ What better way to live it than through massage?

❁ You are getting the very heart of the transmission of each chakra through this series of massages.

7 lessons carefully crafted and guided by Tantra Master Ma Ananda Sarita and beautifully shot by Film Maker Martin Ninad Vrabko.

23 videos with a total length of 10 hours of high-quality content.

❁ Complete discourses, full guided massages, audio tracks for each massage.

Lifetime access to the course.


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