Tantric Union

Tantric union comes with desire to commune and to cultivate with your beloved and to expand and tune the energy body together.

A short interview with Deva, Tantra practitioner.

Explore simple, yet powerful methods to enable you to tune in with your partner in the present moment and experience pleasurable and enriching quality time together.

By bringing a loving awareness to the sex act, we transform this biological function into a divine blessing, moving from sex to superconsciousness.

Tantric sex is achieved when we use Tantra meditation methods during sexual union.

Deva’s sharing inspired by the Master Lover online course.

“In the moments of very deep intimacy that I’ve experienced with a tantric lover it is a such a humbling experience because again you know we naturally as men have this creative drive and force and direction and goal orientation and wanting to produce something.

It’s very natural, it’s like, ‘yes let’s do it’ and in the union it’s lining up with these chakras and these centers and feeling the heart, not just feeling the sex and feeling the expansiveness of these upper chakras is a very humbling experience, because all of that needs to drop and it does drop and, you come into a space of unknown and then a space of very now, present, in the moment, this is what is and all that is.

I’ve had tastes of this and I know there’s more. I feel that this comes with the desire to commune and to cultivate with your beloved and to expand and to really attune your energy with that person.

When the energy is dispersed and you’re having a lover here, having a lover there and you’re opened up it’s quite different, there’s nothing wrong with that, most of my life has been like that.

As soon as I start to really hone my energy in and attune that with one beloved and really go there and allow myself to go there in vulnerability which is a key, the very key, key, key element of this being very vulnerable, knowing that, ok, I can expand so deeply and I can get destroyed because my heart is super open right now.

We feel this really deep connectedness and really this emergence of the souls, not just the bodies and once I started feeling that, having a taste of this, I want nothing else.

It’s really something that I’ve come to a place in my heart and in my choosing, of wanting that deep love and Tantra can give us this. These practices, this way of being can really cultivate that and you just go for it.

There’s no obligation, no expectation, there’s no, oh, yeh, love and being together forever – just drop that fairy tale story. It’s really about choosing to cultivate that depth and if it goes on forever, wonderful and if it doesn’t then allow yourself to feel, ok it’s now shifting, beautiful. Allow yourself to feel and through this willingness to be wonderful, we reach these deep states. Without vulnerability, it’s not going to happen.

I would absolutely say, choosing my power, choosing to love myself first, choosing to see that I have a capacity in me, that I learned through the kundalini and know who’s there.

To have infinite vitality through these, self-cultivation, non-ejaculation practices and at the same time not going into the machismo.

Going into the willingness to be seen, the willingness to show the sides of you that you are still learning to love, the willingness to offer your commitment, your drive, your loving devotion to the Shakti.

There’s power in this vulnerability and to choose that and to stay with that you will see that your ability to attract what you choose in your life begins to happen more and more, in your lovemaking, with your lover, with your career, with your business, with whatever it is that you are choosing in your life.”

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