Walk Into The Holy Fire

What if?

  • You were able to let go of all that does not serve you anymore?
  • You were to cleanse your emotional charge?
  • You were to heal your wounds?
  • Your wine of bliss could flow?

Discover 5 master keys for women’s awakening.

❁ Learning about the female sexual response in the genitals, throughout the body and the brain.
❁ Understanding the role emotions play in women’s sexual flowering.
❁ Exploring woman as the portal for both birth and death, treasures held in our womb centre connecting us to the wheel of life, and her potential as Goddess.
❁ Discovering the role physical connection and intimacy plays in awakening woman’s orgasmic potential.
❁ Understanding the positive and receptive nature of the chakra system and how Kundalini energy is activated in women.