Ananda Sarita – Bring Tantra to your home

The world needs global change, the bearer of which are and will be women.

Not only as leaders, but also as women, who will bring love to the world, and harmony and reconciliation into our everyday life.

How to harmonize this female potential with male principles that are so entrenched in all levels of our life, penetrating throughout society?

Each woman can start with herself. And each man surrounding her can support her and create space for her.

We have created a chance to experience these transformation processes in the privacy of your own environment.

Tantra Essence led by Ma Ananda Sarita and her team have now made their work, which has so far only been possible to experience in a limited number at seminars, more available and accessible.

From the comfort of your home you can work on developing your female qualities, unblock stagnations and let them flow once more and possibly heal some old wounds and baggage that each of us gathers on our path through life.

Let us introduce you this rich online programme with 49 videos, where as women you have a chance to get familiar with key practices, meditations, rituals and dance that invite you to release and develop your female potential into a deep transformative change.

This course includes vital information on feminine well-being, health and beauty. Included are experiential exercises of dance, massage, healing and meditations for personal transformation.

We also offer you a special process for rewriting your inner beauty script, awakening your inner and outer Goddess in all of her splendor.