Tantra Massage Through The 7 Chakras

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The Art of Tantra Massage

During series of Tantra Mastery Series weekends, we developed a massage specific for each of the chakras. So it is these massages, that you are learning during this online course.

It’s not that every person is able to come to a group or to a series of seven groups and go on this mystery school tour of their chakras, but practicing massages at home, being guided through the video, through the instruction that you’re getting through, seeing the couple, doing these massages, you can taste the glory that is inherent in your chakra system.

You can taste your fuller potential and you can also expand into the sublime ecstasy of tantra.

This series of massages are for everyone to taste what is possible, what is inherently present in us. Longing to be drawn out and lived and what better way to live it than through massage. You are getting the very heart of the transmission of every chakra through this series of massages.

Massage course contains

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Mûlâdhâra Massage

For grounding, feeling rooted and at home in the body, positive circulation of sexual fire, opening up pleasure pathways in the body.