What is Tantra?

Tantra is a lifestyle which includes the blending together of our sexuality, our love and our spirituality.

We’re bridging together the more masculine-oriented spiritual path of meditation and witnessing together with the feminine path of love and devotion.

Where these two meet we experience Tantra.

We can apply that to our sexuality, love and relationship, the whole chakra system, kundalini energy, expanded states of consciousness and even aspects of our daily life.

Discover more with our online programs.

The Master Lover

Experiencing everything with an open heart and all your senses. Immersing yourself in sensual delights and breathtaking ecstasy. Feeling divine power radiating from your every cell. From unleashing your ecstatic energy to expanding your consciousness. Tantra can make this vision come true for you.

The Goddess Unveiled

This course includes vital information on feminine well-being, health and beauty. Included are experiential exercises of dance, massage, healing and meditations for personal transformation. We also offer you a special process for rewriting your inner beauty script, awakening your inner and outer Goddess in all of her

Women’s Erotic and Emotional Fulfillment

Discover 5 master keys for women’s erotic awakening ❁ Learning about the female erotic response in the genitals, throughout the body and the brain. ❁ Understanding the role emotions play in women’s sexual flowering. ❁ Exploring woman as the portal for both birth and death, treasures held